Art Inspiration.

Recently i have gotten back art and it has been a complete total shock. Just sitting down and painting with watercolours, messing around with swatches and having some time for expression has really made my head a lot clearer. Art is one of those things you can’t get wrong as it’s a personal experience that’s different for each and every person however i do think art is a way of expression for everyone. What i like is the little amount of pressure there is to make something drawdropping (i’m sorry!) as unless you decide to share your work, only you can see what you’ve made.

I am mostly inspired by other people. Pinterest, Youtube, the whole gosh darn internet is flooding with inspiration whether it’s other artwork, photography or even just words. Beautifully told stories often get me inspired and make me think extra hard about the drawing; what the characters look like, the emotions and scenery. If none of that get’s you going then maybe topics can inspire you and they can be as simple as yellow to as deep as society. Today, i was flicking through an old glamour magazine and the content wasn’t appealing to me but instead colours were. I looked at my watercolour painting from earlier and decided that i wasn’t happy with it so i took to cutting up the inspiration from the magazine and labelled this new piece called “Les Colour Age” (I wasn’t trying to be fancy with the “Les”, i couldn’t find a “The” and i know that it’s grammatically incorrect BUT let’s continue.)

Les colours age.JPG

These Youtubers have given me some inspiration:


Minnie Small:

My pinterest board for art:

I’m sorry if in the upcoming weeks as i probably wont be as active as we’d both like me to be as I’ve got exams – ew! Fortunately, i am going on holiday this Thursday and it’s going to be hopefully action packed so i will blog about my experience when i get back! Thank you for reading and i hope you all have a lovely week x



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