Being Spontaneous (my half-marathon experience)

I wish I could say that I was one of those people who likes to arrange things as they go but in all honesty I love being organised and planning things in advance. Yes, there are so many great benefits of planning but when some amazing opportunities are sprung in you, it’s a bit of a shock and you tend to say no. At school we are taught how to be organised but some of the best experiences tend to be Spontaneous.  Sometimes, I think to myself; when did we get so scared of the unknown?

So today I did a half MARATHON

on the south west coast path along rocks, cliffs and other crazy places! I did a mixture of walking and running but I had no clue how difficult it would be. My dad persuaded me to do it an I just thought “stuff it, I’ll join with no training” and “how hard can it be?” Was that a silly idea!? Sort of but it was very fun and i don’t regret it even though my legs feel like my bones have melted. Weird description but incredibly accurate.

Although my legs hurt, the atmosphere of the race today was so incredible it actually blew my mind! Everyone was supportive of each other and strangers were chatting and just being so friendly to me which is sooooo not like high school 😀 People young and old were racing whether they were doing half like me or going the WHOLE Way! Everyone was doing the race for different reasons, some were raiding money for charity, others were testing their fitness and people like me, just doing it to have a good time. Another reason why people did the race was just to see the gorgeous beaches that we were travelling along. Being a basic teenager, of course I had to take LOTS of pictures then upload them to my snapchat story to make it seem like I’m not lazy when I really am. Don’t pretend you don’t do this! That’s why there’s random filters on my pictures and the quality isn’t great but the view is still just as stunning.

I think the view along with the interesting terrain made it a great time and since I’ve had such a good time, I won’t be saying no to as many activities sprung on me. I think you should say yes to the next thing that comes your way whether its big or small. If your asked to go on a run, say yes even if you’re not the best at it. If a course at school or work comes up, just jump into it because it could change your life. You never know what life’s going to throw at you so the less scared you are of the unknown, the better.

Thanks for reading x


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