BEAUTY STANDARDS. Since I’m going back to school tomorrow it often makes me wonder why we are so influenced to look quite certain way by the media and our peers. Many teens these days are expected to have thick, luscious eyebrows and large, pouty lips when really that’s only the 1% of the people you know in real life. In the past teenagers neglected their lips by just shoving nothing or concealer on them to give them a ‘distant’ look and they plucked their eyebrows into little sperms. Now you see everyone doing fascinating makeup everyday without room for flaws and it seems like if you don’t go all out, you should go home.

However, what bothers me is not the actual makeup but who these trends are affecting. If I walked down a street I would probably see a 12 year old wearing the whole lot of contour and foundation when their skin is probably crystal clear. And don’t get me wrong, I love how makeup can give you confidence but I just don’t think it should be used to cover up “flaws” and the fact we’re growing up! No teenager is going to have perfect skin, perfect hair and we are definitely are not going to have chiseled cheeks as that’s what defines an adults face from ours. We try to grow up too quickly and then we get insecure as to why  we don’t look like Kylie Jenner or whoever you want to look like. Social media has made us more concerned about things that we can’t change about ourselves by promoting products like teeth whitening strips and false lashes.

One video I feels really highlights the impact the media has is Rclbeauty101. Her videos called Makeup Evolution and I am ugly are very powerful.

Makeup Evolution:

rclbeauty101 makeup revolution

I am ugly:

rclbeauty 101 i am ugly

I’m affected in a few ways by these beauty standards. I often feel obliged to leave the house with mascara and eyebrows filled in because sometimes i like wearing it, other times because i feel pressured. This shouldn’t be a problem affecting teenagers, and i honestly don’t know why its become one. Everyone just accepts this as normal but putting yourself down for not looking like a model is not. We should be concentrating our time on other things like getting good grades, hanging out with friends and just enjoying our lives before we all have to work. Instead, i’m seeing girls in my class run into school and apply their foundation and STRAIGHTEN THEIR HAIR otherwise they “look ugly”. Seeing these popular girls saying these things can make people feel insecure about themselves because if these girls who are very pretty think they’re ugly. What am i?

Feel free to comment your opinion on this subject. I would love to hear what you think.


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  1. Wow! This is very true. I love your blog, it is very good ❤Thanks for checking out mine too, I have currently stopped blogging to focus on exams but please feel free to check out old posts 👍 I will be vlogging again in June, maybe we could collab x

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    1. Hello! Sorry i didn’t get this message i have been very busy with schoolwork recently and just havent been online. I currently don’t have an instagram for my blog. I would love to collab and will send you an email very soon xx


  2. Hi, I’ve just stumbled upon your blog and I have to say I love what you have written here. I’m in my 20s and my Instagram is filled with girls and women that’s inspired to look a certain way, long thick hair, plumped up lips beautiful hourshaped figures. And I have to say it does bring you down and your undo wonder why don’t I look like that? Should I? And what’s worse is when I see 13 year olds dress and wear makeup that makes them look older than me. And here in this post you’ve stated important facts. And young girls should read more impowering things then blogs or videos to be or look a certain way. And sorry for the long winded comment x


    1. Don’t apologize! I’m so pleased you are so passionate about this! It’s honestly a terrible message being given out to impressionable young people. Big companies say that you need to wear this or buy this to be normal or everyone will think you’re “strange”. The marketing and advertising of these products is just another way for people to bring in the dollar which is why no ones focusing on the fact 13 year olds are trying to look way older. x


  3. I totally agree! i mean i’m all for makeup and using makeup as an art form or to make yourself feel confident. But never to try to impress other people or to try and look a certain way because someone else looks that way.. Round where i live young girls and guys try to be or inspire to be like the cast in the only way is Essex or girls wanting to look like the Kardashions/Jenners. And its like its making young girls think well i have to look that way cause that’s what guys like and its a shame.
    By the way have you seen Pinks speech about how her little girl thinks she looks like a boy with long hair. Her speech was beautiful!

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