Current Favourite Songs – October 2017

If you know me, you will know i am very into my music; listening, composing and generally grooving twenty four hours a day. Music is a bit part of my life and i enjoy a wide variety of genres but my personal favourite is indie and chill music but trust me there’s a bit of everything in my mix. Therefore with all these different styles, I have had a growing need recently to share all these awesome songs that i discover and not with just a few people but with the whole world. I hope you enjoy!

1. Changes – David Bowie

Album: Hunky Dory

Released: 1971

Genre: Rock


General Thoughts: This song has only been on my playlist for about a week now but i fell in love with it pretty much straight away and this happens with every song of his! I always find my self humming this everywhere and its great song overall.


2. Not Part of the Broken Hearts Club – Mimi


Album: I Will Be Okay

Released: 2017

Genre: Chill / Acoustic

General Thoughts: So, I started listening to Mimi’s music through her youtube as i was going down a loop hole of orginal songs on Youtube until i stumbled across her channel. She had written one song (I will be okay) and i automatically loved it so i was over the moon when i found out she had an ep which is how i found the beauty that is “Not part of the Broken Hearts Club”. This song is all about waiting for the right person to love and learning how to open up to others but i’ll let the song tell you the story…

It’s sadly not on Youtube so look on itunes or spotify.

3.  Lone Digger – Caravan Palace

Album: <I°_°I>

Released: 2015

Genre: Electro-Swing

General thoughts: I discovered this through a friend and instantly loved this songs upbeatness and energy – you will understand when you listen! Wierdly however i haven’t actually checked out any of their other songs as i’m worried nothing else will top it!


4.  Would you be so kind – Dodie

Album: You

Released: 2017

Genre: Folk

General thoughts: I never thought i would be a fan of dodie but Oh Boy was i wrong! Her songs are short and sweet although some can be sad and some are happy, they all have good morals behind them. Dodie is also a self-taught songwriter and to me that’s very inspiring. Please give this one a listen – you might be surprised.


5. Girls and Boys In Love – The Rumble Strips

Album: Girls and Weather

Released: 2007

Genre: Rock, Pop

General thoughts: This song never fails to put me in a good mood as it’s lighthearted lyrics make it fun to listen to. I heard this song in a film and did the classic shazam!


6. You are the sunshine of my Life – Stevie Wonder

Album: Talking Book

Released: 1972

Genre: Classic Soul

General thoughts: I recently found myself hitting the peak of my Stevie Wonder obsession when i listened to the definitive collection on repeat and whilst doing that i developed a liking towards this song – even more than Sir Duke which is hard to believe.


7. Alcatraz – King no-one

Album: Alcatraz

Released: 2016

Genre: Alternative rock

General thoughts: I didn’t like this at first but i listened to it and i eventually warmed up to it and the vocals, well, i have fallen in love with them. I can honestly see them becoming quite big.


So i don’t want to overwhelm with too many tunes so i hope you enjoy the few i have suggested. Leave a comment telling me what song is your favorite and whether i should do more recommendations.


Why do we set back-to-school expectations?

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“There’s nothing so dangerous as a headstrong girl who knows her own mind.” – Mary Yellan

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